fbpx Beatik Altea Festival – Lessons

The Beatik Altea Festival Academy takes place in Altea, from March 7th to March 14th.

This Academy will have the main office at Casa Gadea, a facility located next to the sea where the students will enjoy a superb training surrounded by a very special and inspiring enviroment.

Every candidate who submits the application for the academy may receive a promotional coupon to download a six-month version of the Beatik app for iPad or Android tablet without extra charge. The access to Beatik is free until December the 5th.

Other benefits for the students are reduced-price tickets for the BAF Festival concerts .

Private classes general schedule: from 9:00 to 14:00.

Date: March 2020, from Saturday 7th until Saturday 14th.

The applicants may sign up for 2, 3 o 4 lessons of the listed specialties. The final number of lessons that each student will get shall be determined by the teachers and the organisation.

The lessons may have piano accompaniment.

Practice rooms will be available for the students as well as the chance to give chamber music concerts.

Every lesson will be open to the public.

Chamber music program

The Chamber Music programme at BAF Academy is free thanks to BEATIK sponsorship. 

Beatik Altea Festival will organise Chamber Music ensembles with the students who may sign up for this.

Chamber music ensembles will get at least one lesson from one of the teachers or performing artists at BAF

The chamber music ensembles will perform their repertoire using the BEATIK app.

BEATIK will provide the tablets needed during the Academy week.

The organisation will send the parts to the applicants who finally would join the ensembles.


The organization will grant 10 scholarships to the students in order to cover a portion of the lessons expenses.

The students will be hand-picked by the organization, based on student recordings, their personal resumé and a short home video to be shared on social networks where the student will appear using the BEATIK app.

Students may get an application form, which should be sent before February 10th, 2020.

Registration fee and end of the selection process.

The organization will send to the applicant an email with a link in order to pay the registration fee, which is 30€ and will complete the application process. This amount, in the event that the student is admitted, would be deducted from the enrollment.

Then, the student will receive as well a promotional code for downloading a six-month free version of the Beatik app for iPad and Android tablet.

The student body would get the application resolution before February the 10th, 2020.